The A to Z on how to get motivated to get more money


People normally get motivated to act when they experience pain or pleasure. Everyone is driven by these principles; to move away from pain and move towards pleasure. You can utilise this to get motivated to get more money. Whilst money is never the ultimate goal, it is a terrific means to achieve what you ultimately want.

The pain of getting bad grades can motivate you to study. The burden of debt can cause us to look for an extra source of income. Even being humiliated can give you the ‘push’ to stand up for yourself. The pain of bitter experiences or even the pain of a friend’s tragic story, but also the pleasure of an inspiring movie or book can help you to get up and get into gear.

One good way to look at motivation is to avoid all negative input and focus on the positives. Here is a list from A to Z

with tips on how to get motivated:

  • A – Achievement – Achieve your dreams. Avoid negative people, things and places. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
  • B – Believe – Believe in your self and in your dreams and in your potential to achieve.
  • C – Consider – Consider things from all angles and aspects. Having an open mind let’s you find solutions easier. Motivation comes from determination. To be able to understand life, you should feel the sun from both sides.
  • D – Do something every day. The consistency of your actions determine the future. As my daughter once said: “Believing is the start, doing is the middle, earning is the end”.
  • E – Enjoy – Work as if you don’t need money. Dance as if nobody’s watching. Love as if you never cried. Learn as if you’ll live forever. Motivation takes place when people are happy.
  • F – Family and Friends are your main contributing source for feeling good. Don’t loose sight of them.
  • G – Give – Always give more than expected. Underpromise and overdeliver is key. Also as you earn your money not in isolation, but as part of the wider community, give something back without expecting anything in return.
  • H – Honesty – Be honest to yourself and to others. What you put out will come back, make sure it’s the right stuff.
  • I – Ignore negativity – Ignore those who try to destroy you. Don’t let other people to get you down and steer wel clear of toxic people.
  • J – Just be yourself. There is only one of you, you are unique. You cannot have success and achieve your dream or fulfill your life’s purpose by trying to be someone else.
  • A to Z Motivation To Get More MoneyK – Keep trying – Keep trying no matter how hard it may seem. You cannot ever give up.
  • L – Learn – Learn something everyday and learn to love your self.
  • M – Make things happen. Motivation is when your dreams are put into work clothes.
  • N – Never give up – People give up when success is around the corner, the last hurdle has the most impact. But with the words of Winston Churchill: “Never give up, never give up, never give up”.
  • O – Open your eyes – Possibilities to earn money and achive success are everywhere. Most people don’t see it because they haven’t learned how to.
  • P – Practice – Practice makes you better. Maybe not perfect, but better than enough. While practicing you get motivation. You learn, make mistakes and learn again.
  • Q – Quitters never win and winners never quit. – What are you: A quitter? Or a winner?
  • R – Ready yourself. With good preparation comes good performance.
  • S – Stop procrastinating – Procratination is induced by doubt and the enemy of action. Make plans, todo lists, have a mentor anything to allow you to take action and move towards your dreams.
  • T – Take control of your life – A person who is disciplined is likely to master success.
  • U – Understand – Understand other people gives you the advantage of what motivates them. Whether it’s your family, coworkers, employees or customers. Listen twice as much as you talk (the ration of ears to mouth). Try to understand before you try to be understood.
  • V – Visualisation – You have to put the picture into your mind first in order to achive it.
  • W – Want – Want it more than anything. Dream & believe then you are motivated to plan & act. Once you get the money you want, learn how to save and spend it wisely.
  • X – X Factor – Do you have what it takes? Do you have the X-factor? When you are motivated, you stand out from the crowd and they will be attracted to you.
  • Y – You are unique. No one in this world looks, acts, or talks like you. Value your life and existence, because you’re just going to spend it once.
  • Z – Zero in on your dreams and go for it!!!