The importance of preselling

If you want to make more money as an affiliate, you must presell.

Before we begin, we need to first define what preselling is. Well, it is an art. And it’s also a science. And it’s function is to prepare your reader to buy something. Then when they’re ready, refer them to the product website so they can buy it. When done correctly, your reader will not even notice.

The gist is that you give your reader some useful information. And then refer them to the product website. We’ll get into how to do it correctly in a minute. First, it’s important to understand why we do it. Here are a few benefits of preselling:

  • It helps your reader trust you – And gaining the trust of your readers helps them want to click your links. And the more clicks you get the more sales you’ll make.
  • It disarms your reader – Nobody likes to be sold something. By not doing that to them, your reader is less defensive. Unguarded reading means they’re not filtering what you say. So your content get absorbed.
  • It puts them in a buying mood – Your readers are now receiving your message. So they become more receptive to other messages. Like the info on product sales page you’ve linked to. And being open to the information there means they are much more likely to buy.
  • Your commissions go up – You’ve prepped them and referred them in the right state of mind. Open to the sales message and feeling safe. The only thing that can result is increased sales!
  • Your customers are happier – Plus, they feel they’ve made the buying decision on their own. Instead of being manipulated into buying. So they are happier with their purchase.
  • Preselling increases your bottom line – Satisfied customers are less like to refund. And that translates to more commission staying in your affiliate business.

The need to presell is clear. You make more money. And produce happier customers. That’s a clear win-win.

Now, here’s how preselling works:

OK, now you understand why it’s so important. So, hopefully you’ve decided to start preselling. So, it’s time to break down how it works. Like we talked about before, it’s an art. And it’s a science.

The art of preselling

First, you have to gain the trust of your reader, so they let their guard down. This can only be accomplished by providing actual value in the information you’re presenting. The art of this is to provide enough information to be of value, but not enough to satiate the hunger. So you send them to the product website with a hunger for more of what the product provides. Plus they’re not guarded, so they’re more open and likely to purchase the product.

Part 2 – the Science

There’s also a specific formula you need to follow.

First of all, it’s important HOW you present your information. You need to know where you’re going before you begin. In the end, you want to sell a specific product. There are two ways to accomplish this with great content. One way is to give them enough info to whet the appetite, but not enough to satisfy it. The other method is to explain all the details and expose how difficult it is to do what you’re explaining. Whichever method, you send them to a product website that solves the problem you just created.

Next, you have to use “coAffiliate Business Tipsvert linking” methods. Instead you link directly to the product sales page. This increases your clicks. But how are you going to get credit for the sale, if you don’t include your affiliate link? Well, that’s part of the science of this whole process. You use the “covert cookie” strategy.

You also want to link to the sales page from inside your article’s content. People are used to clicking on hyperlinked words to get information they’re looking for. And when the words are in context like this, it makes perfect sense for your reader to click them.

Putting all of this together creates a powerful affiliate marketing formula for success.

OK, here’s the not-so-good news:

Doing all of this right is really hard! Let’s talk about everything required to put this plan into action: Awesome content. First of all, you actually have to write great articles and give value to your readers. This means you have to be able to write well, and have enough knowledge to be useful. Preselling skills. First, you have to give good information. You also have to present the info in a way that provides real value. And still leave them wanting more. The other approach is to reveal a self-evident problem through the information.

Choosing your products. Next, you’ve got to pick the right product to presell. Even if you can pull off writing and great article. You’ve wasted all your effort if the product doesn’t sell well.

Techy stuff. To be most effective you have to use the “covert cookie” method. This is actually pretty simple – just embed a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image and set your affiliate link as the “source” of the image. (Just don’t mess it up. Otherwise, you won’t get credit for your sales.)


Now you know exactly how to presell effectively. Preselling properly will boost your affiliate profits up to 500%! The important thing is to use these techniques for everything you promote as an affiliate. Take action now. Put in the effort to reap the greater rewards.