The History of Internet Marketing Growth

The History of Internet Marketing Growth

Internet Marketing has been one of the fastest growing industries in recent history.

It started very small and, as the internet usage became widespread, grew into a multi multi billion dollar industry in a very short time. What started as some geeks and small techie business operation was soon adapted by almost every major company in the world.

But in the industry of internet marketing, these small businesses still thrive. And many have an even larger return on investment than the major companies.

The problem with the industry is…

With the booming growth also cam cowboys and the problem of myths, deception, lies, misconceptions and even scams.

There is an enormous amount of urban myths and plain fiction in the Internet Marketing industry that it is almost impossible to find plain speaking truth.

This is harmful to the industry. And it is painful for the small operations as well as the larger Internet Marketers.

What is the solution?

The enormous amount of small and mid-sized Internet Marketing operations have been forced to work even harder for their money for two reasons:

  • they have to overcome the widespread skepticism;
  • they have to find their way through a forest of products and training material that is the result of poor examples and bad practices

It's Not Your Fault

Armand Morin is one of the most respected Internet Marketers and is pretty outspoken about this subject in a brand new White Paper called “It’s Not Your Fault” .

In “It’s Not Your Fault” he separates the facts, the fiction and the myths and he exposes the practices that give the Internet Marketing a bad name. Those aspiring Internet Marketers that have not yet made millions will be a bit less innocent after reading this!

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