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Getting more money is an issue for a lot of  people. If you’re not wealthy, then you  probably want more money. Even if you are well off, you most likely can do with some more. Now, is there anything wrong with getting more money as some people suggest? In today’s society money literally makes the world go round. You need it for food, clothes and a roof above your head. Money is needed  for basic transport. If you have a job you might have to travel to and from work.Then there are the social functions that you perform.  As part of a family, friend groups, (sport) clubs,  you name it, you want to give them time and will need money as well.

What about too much money? As:  Money is the root of all evil! True or False?  Read any good book on the subject and you will find  that  being a slave to money is the root of all evil. So it’s not the money but what you do with it, that makes it good or bad. Get more money and you’re able to support your family the way you want,  give (a lot) to your favourite charity and …well you know what  you want to do with the money.  So, let’s start finding ways to get more money. After all it will most likely not arrive on your doorstep by chance. Hoping to win the lottery is just that ‘live in hope’. Finding your way to get more money and make it work for you, gives a far more reliable source of income.

Money comes to you from a number of distinct sources:

  1. Inheritance, gifts, lottery
  2. Active income
  3. Passive income

Chances are an inheritance is only small.  You could see any inheritance  as a bonus in otherwise sad times, that you prefer to come later than sooner, hopefully.  For most people inheritances, as well as  other gifts,  are not a reliable source of income. Neither is playing the lottery. There are always lucky winners but the chance is so minute! Just investigate that and you will realise that it’s probably better to focus on other sources of income.

Active income is income you work for. Swopping your time for money. This could be in a job or your (one man) business. There are people who love their job and give a lot of time and effort to it. Others hate it; you might be one of them and look for the quickest way to get out. An alternative is starting up a business. Although still swopping time for money, you got a lot more choice in what,  when and with whom to work with. At the same time, you might like your job and still  have that nagging feeling that there are other ways to get more money. There are lots of (local) franchises, work from home opportunities and online businesses. The latter are interesting because of the low start up,  work anywhere you like and working part time. Then build on those online activities, that make you money and get into passive income.

Passive income is money that you get whether you come out of bed or not. Stocks is just one example. Building an big business, where you can  walk away from for a year and come back and still find the business running smoothly where you got paid in the meantime. Although there are still people building businesses like these, what is great, they’ve got a lot of, let’s say, challenges on their way. If you’re like the majority of people, this is not for you. But there are lot’s more; the internet businesses, big and small, are still growing. With new technology,  new models are evolving. And real people are getting real money from activities on the internet.

A good source for further reading about the different income sources

is:   Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

More about hoe to get more money is to come soon.