How to get more money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is well established as a way to get more money and making a profit from your website. There are of course the usual tales of great riches to be made and even making millions just working from home. It is true that it seems very easy to do on first glance. Let us explore making money with Google Adsense.

How to get more money with Adsense

Google Adsense works by placing advertisements on your own web pages and getting paid when someone clicks on the ad. The ads come from Google Adwords and advertisers can choose to let the advert appear on Google’s own search results page or also let advert appear on Google Network. You can let Google decide which advert to show and the advert will be related to the content on your website. Google decides what is shown, but you decide to some degree the size, color and location on your website. You can choose to show or block certain categories of ads and also allow certain advert providers and block individual url’s.

Since you only get paid for clicks the goal is to get a high number of visitors to your website and a good percentage of them clicking on the ads. The price per click the advertiser pays also varies, and as you share the revenue with Google, you will also get more if the price is high. The price per click typically goes up when there is more competition for the keywork. Knowing that, it is your goal to get:- High number of visitors- Good conversion rate- High paying adverts
With more and more people getting online and browsing everyday, it is no wonder why Google Adsense has become an instant hit.

If you are new to Adsense then it is a strange feeling to see your homepage splattered with ads promoting other people’s services. But once you get used to the idea that you are actually making more money, you can get the money earning bug.

How are you going to make it work? Let’s explore some strategies that make Adsense work for some successful webmaster and content publishers.

  1. Individually analyse your web pages. Leave the pages that are producing profits in other ways, like affiliate marketing resources and e-books and put Adsense on pages that are producing very little or no profit.
  2. Create website targeted to one product or a small range of products and create some review content. Then put Adsense on these pages.

With proper application these two strategies can generate some decent extra money for you. If you have a website with pure informational content with no affiliate links then at least you can get money for your efforts.

Explore the Adsense website for all the latest information and many tips available. You can also add Amazon, Ebay and Affiliate revenue streams into the mix to double or triple your income compared to just Adsense. Just try it out on a website you have and imagine the smile on your face.

You can use the filter feature to block out low value adverts and also adverts that come from competitors. Do not ignore this feature as it is a fairly easy way to optimise your revenue. You don’t want adverts from websites that only take advantage of your traffic or present useless information. That way you also provide a better service to your visitors.

With Google Adsense you have a very easy option to get extra money that is limitless. Beware that there is also the possibility that someone takes advantage of this easy money making process. This may force Google to change the way Adsense works, like they have done many times in the past with Google Search. So be sure to check back into your account once in a while and see if your account is generating a consistent stream of income and there are no dramatic changes.

It looks like Google Adsense is there to stay as it gives advertisers the option to not only appear in Google’s search engine results pages but also on other relevant websites. So long as you follow the strict guidelines for Adsense, you can get extra money without getting your account blocked.