How To Get More Money On The Side

If you have no idea what to do to get extra money coming in then here are some tips for you. It might help you in a specific direction. Ideas for extra income can be divided up into general segments:

  1. Sell your body
  2. Sell your space
  3. Use your time (unskilled work or skilled work)
  4. Start a business
  5. Investing

Sell your body, oh no, it doesn’t have to be what you’re thinking right now. You can look for your local university to see if they can use people for experiments, like psychological or medical experiments. Or do modelling, being an extra in the movies or police line-ups. And there is of course donation for reproductive uses and lastly that what you were thinking about.

How To Get Money On The Side

If you have space to spare you could rent out a room, start a Bed and Breakfast, rent out storage space, your garage or even use your alotment to grow vegetables. You could also be a childminder, foster children, do teleworking. Some of these methods obviously require time too.

If you have more than enough time or can make some extra time then you could do a whole range of things:

  • Market research
  • Working in a shop for a few hours
  • Mystery shopping
  • Baby sitting
  • Cleaning
  • Network marketing
  • If you have a car you can be a taxi driver, be a driving instructor, do deliveries, removals (depending on car size).

It all depends on wether you have special hobbies or skills. Even if you think it’s odd and nobody else in the world will want to listen, please check it out! Google it, have a look if there are hobby clubs, magazines and a reasonable amount of searches per month. Someone will be willing to pay for your skills.

You could teach others to do the same, or even write about it and become an author. If you have a computer and are on the internet you could do all sorts of jobs depending on your skills.

The last two options are for serious people. Do you want to start a business? You should determine how much time you have and how much is required. How much money do you need and how much can you set aside for your new business. Be honest about it, after all it’s your own future. If you succeed, having your own business is probably the best, but it might not be easiest.

If you don’t have the time or the space, you could invest your money. It’s a special subject that can hardly be explained in one or two sentences.

Good books on getting more money:

Your thinking about money:

and the book that I found was most influential in changing my thinking about money:

I hope this helps you to get more money coming in than going out.