Traffic Generation TipsIf you’ve got traffic coming to your site, you’re 99% there. Of course you also need to have a valuable offer for your visitors – a reason for them to transact with you. What you do with the traffic when it gets to your site could be any number of things. The important thing is getting the traffic and sustaining it.

How, then do you get traffic to your site?

These are the best and fastest ways to get free visitors coming to your site:

  • Web 2.0 Methods
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Sites

OK, so how do they work?

Web 2.0 Methods

Web 2.0 simply means the new family of websites that have user-generated content. What this means for you is that you can join into the community and add your own content. The other interesting thing about these sites is that all the search engines (including Google) treat them as “authority sites”. Which means the content on them gets “indexed” faster and with more weight. And any links in your content that point to your own sites count as a strong “vote” in favor of your sites – lending you credibility in the search engines. This is the hidden benefit of using Web 2.0 sites. Getting free web 2.0 traffic is a big topic that we’ll discuss more later. This is good overview of the reason to get into it, though.

Articles Sites

Article marketing really builds on the Web 2.0 concept. Article directories fall under the category of web 2.0 sites. In typical web 2.0 fashion, article sites rely on user-generated content (i.e. your articles). Just as with the other web 2.0 sites, having your content included gives you immediate traffic and search engine ranking. And the hidden benefit here is that your reach grows as other people take your articles and put them on their blogs and sites. And in return for getting to use your content, these other users include links back to your website that gives you further search engine ranking and more free traffic. If you want to generate traffic from articles follow these steps:

  • Figure out what keywords you want to go after
  • Tailor the content of your article for the keywords
  • Use anchor text links in the article and the “resource box”

Video Sites

The last of this group is video marketing. Once again, this is really a sub-set of web 2.0. So, just like article marketing, video marketing enables you to add content to authority sites. The extra top secret benefit of video marketing is that it’s much easier to rank for competitive keywords than in any other medium.

Here are just a few video marketing tips:

  • Set up your YouTube account
  • Turn off all the modules in your account profile
  • Add tags to your profile
  • Include a link to your main site in your profile
  • Add at least one video to your profile
  • Include your keywords in the title, description and tags


This is a great overview to get your started generating massive traffic to your site.