Attack on the website

We’ve been hacked today! The first thing I noticed was a notification from our hosting company. All scripting had been disabled. That meant the complete site was down. In the end I had to remove all files and start from scratch. Fortunately I had some backups.

The website is now back up and running but some files may still be missing. That and getting to the root of the problems will still take some time.

And unfortunately time is money. So I can already say that a few lessons have been learned:

  1. Always have a backup
  2. Don’t panic when something bad hits the fan
  3. Get advice from and work with professional people
I get my hosting from Radar Hosting. Friendly people that actual help.
Initial finding is that the Arras theme was vulnerable to the so-called timthumb vulnerability. I have for now installed another theme. And will review the issue.
Have you got any stories like this? I’d love to hear from you.