Beware of the Online Survey Scams

If you’ve been searching for online income opportunities you would have noticed the hundreds of “work from home” internet based companies. They are prominently advertising on many websites. One type of “work from home” income opportunity is the surveys for cash type.

There are many hundreds online survey companies. Most of them do not offer a legitimate way to get extra money. There are a few of them where you can earn a few bucks. Typical targeted audience is stay at home moms who want to get an extra income while they have the care for the children. Unemployed who are interested in making some extra money while they are watching daytime TV and the elderly who are silver surfers. Then there are teens who think they know it all, but are not yet street wise. And also  greedy people who have not learned that you cannot become very wealthy just answering a few simple questions that any six year old can also answer.

The unscrupulous online survey companies are targeting these people. Their scams include:

Joining fee scam

Some sites ask a fee just for joining. They promise you the opportunity to get an extra 100,000 a year, just sitting at home behind the computer. But before you can start earning all that cash you have to pay the joining fee. This fee is normally less than 50 dollars or pounds. Beware that all of these sites are a scam. Nobody would ever work again is it was possible to earn 100,000 doing surveys online. They would all be at home, in front of the computer, raking in this extra easy cash.

These sort of sites just prey on the greed and stupidity of people. Once they have finally figured out that this “get rich quick” scheme isn’t working, they’ve lost the their fee. It is not a crime to prey upon the lazy, greedy and stupid in many cases. These survey sites do add their disclaimers that clearly state that not everyone will earn the promised amount.

The legal statement promises nothing, but their website include unverifyable testimonials from people without a last name. These testimonials then talk about living the dream lifestyle, just working a few hours from home. Photos of piles of cash, nice cars and mansions are shown on the website. Just stay away from these sites. Do not pay an upfront fee just for the opportunity to fill in some surveys.

Mobile scam

Then there is the mobile or cell phone scam. This is also popular scam. You are required to fill in your mobile number as a confirmation for your membership. Then, just in a few seconds, you get a phone call on your mobile. This call could then cost you £2-£5. They will normally not charge you too much because they think you will not notice it on your bill or not take action.

In the end they are playing the big numbers and a lot of these initial confirmation calls get’s them a big sum of money. Then they normally send you a text message every now and then, which states that you have won a price and you can claim it. This claim then will cost you even more. Do not give out your mobile number to any survey website.

Switcheroo scam

The Switcheroo is another scam where you are redirected to another website while you fill in a survey. The other webpage is from a marketing partner and they will ask you if you are interested in obtaining more information. More and more offers are shown every time you click “No”, until you click “Yes”.

Although it will not cost you money it is a huge time waister. Not only for the amount of time you spend clicking on the offer pages hoping they will go away. But also because once you have succumbed and expressed your interest in health insurance for example, you can expect to receive an increasing number of calls from telemarketing companies that will try to sell you health insurance.  Typically these health insurance policies are not the cheapest when compared to one from your local insurance agent.

The really bad ones will proceed to ask you for bank information. Do not give out your bank details over the phone unless you’ve called them. Legitimate companies will send you forms by mail.

Phone bill scam

The last one is the socalled phone bill scam. You sign up for this survey company and provide your telephone number. You then fill in a survey and you receive an offer for a free issue of a magazine. It’s a good offer Gangster in black suit holding money - Beware of the Online Survey Scamsand it looks harmless, so you go along with it. Once you’ve given your name and address for the magazine you notice that a subscription fee for one year appears on your telephone bill. The legal small print will state that that you authorized them to bill you via your telephone bill. The reason is that they think that these extra payments on the telephone bill will hardly get noticed.

That’s just four online survey scams that you can encounter. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You’ve probably heard that one before. Be careful what information you reveal over the telephone.

In itself taking online surveys can be fun. Just be very careful. Never give out your mobile number under any circumstances. Never reveal your social security or national insurance number or bank details. Don’t express an interest in receiving information from these health insurance providers.

Also avoid “online education” inquiries. Just do some research before you join any company, never pay an upfront fee. Above all, beware of any website that promises to make you wealthy.