Are You Blogging For Fun Or To Make Money?

Are You Blogging For Fun Or To Make Money?

A lot of people believe money can be made by blogging without a lot of effort as it is easily done and enjoyable. It is correct that anyone who works hard enough can succeed in earning money online and provide a good income through blogging, however many fail to accomplish this.

Most people who start in internet marketing assume that to make a profitable income by blogging on the internet, they only need to set up a blog; add content regularly; then earn money. Much more effort is needed to make money with a blog!

To successfully start making money with your blog, follow the key steps below.

  1. Advertise on Your Blog. By adding Google Adsense on your blog you can easily make money. After you’ve set up a Google Adsense account, Google will put related adverts on your blog. When a visitor clicks on an advert in your blog, you will earn money.
  2. You can create your own products or offer services, and sell them on your blog. Search engines will index and rank your blog, by blogging regularly. This will drive traffic to your blog. The more visitors you have, the more sales you make. It is important to identify keywords and incorporate them in your blogs. By using keywords and phrases that relate to your market in your blog posts, your site’s ranking increases. This will encourage visitors to your blog where they can purchase your products or services.
  3. One of the best methods to make your blog profitable is by selling affiliate products. You only need to research the affiliate programs and find affiliate products that are related to your market and add the affiliate links to your blog. You can earn commissions of about 30%-70% on each product you sell on your website.

Even though blogging is simple, to start to make money online just follow the points above for the best result.