If you want to discover the foundations on how to make money by adsense then you could have no better start than to visit the Adsense website first, where you will find a wealth of tips on how to implement Adsense on your website. But since this article deals with the foundations about Adsense too, let’s go back to basics.

The foundations on how to make money on a website

How can you make money on your website? There are only a number of things you can do. Your business on the internet using a website contains a three basic elements:

  • content
  • product
  • visitors

Your website has to have content. Google loves good content and so will your visitors. The content has to be presented in a nice format so visitors can easily see it and navigate around your website. The content itself can be:

  • online shop selling physical or digital products
  • a blog
  • a membership website
  • syndicated content
  • etc.

Discover The Foundations On How To Make Money By Adsense

The foundations of Adsense

You start of by selecting a type of advert and it’s size that will fit your layout. You place a bit of code on the page (or pages) of your website. For each page that is requested by a visitors browser, the Adsense code will make a call to Google’s servers. The page is analysed and a relevant Ad is selected and displayed. This is called contextual targeting. The Ad can also be placed by an advertiser that indicated your page as a specific target. The third method is interest based. This analyses your browsing habits and displays matching ads. You can change your interests yourself or entirely opt out by searching for “Google Ads Preferences”.

Implementing Adsense on your website

Adsense works by adding a little piece of code to your website. In technical terms: You will be given a pice of Javascript code that you need to copy into your website code. The Javascript is best placed either just after the “<body>” tag or just before the “</body>” closing tag. The explanation on the Adsense site is a lot more thorough. But it doesn’t have to be this technical! It’s a lot easier when you work with WordPress and you add an extra plugin for Adsense.

Whenever one of your webpages with the Adsense script is loaded in the browser of one of your visitors, Google analyses your website and displays relevant ads.

Implementing Adsense on WordPress

You can easily create advertising space by creating a Text widget in the sidebar of your WordPress website, paste in the code from the Adsense website and you’re done. But by far the easiest method of placing ads using Adsense on your website is using an Adsense plugin for WordPress. Here are a few:

– Adsense Made Easy – If you only want to easily add Adsense in a widget without using code
– Awesome Google Adsense – Really simple Adsense plugin that does not even require copying of ad code
– Quick Adsense – Let’s you easily add ads
– Ad Injection – More generic and powerful than the above with support for ad rotation and split testing

Analysing Adsense

Once you have Adsense advertisements displaying on your website you can track progress from time to time by using the Adsense website. You can create custom reports and have the generated Pdf emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis. That way you can keep an eye on your earnings.

An alternative is to install another WordPress plugin that allow you to keep track on it from within the WordPress Dashboard. Google Analyticator is a good one that shows you in the WordPress Admin Dashboard a summary.

Give it a go with one of your domains and discover how to make money by Adsense by just practising.