Don’t Build Your Online Business Like A Card HouseSpending the Big Bucks

How much are you spending to learn the tricks of the Internet marketing trade? Are you spending money left and right in hopes of finding the perfect internet business system? Do you have a habit of buying everything you can, hoping to find the one last piece of your profit puzzle?

If you’re making investment after investment in IM direction and information, you’re not alone. Countless people find themselves buying the latest and greatest new systems.

And that’s totally understandable. It’s entirely reasonable to invest in new strategies and tools to fine-tune your profitable IM enterprises. Investing in new materials to stay on top of a quickly developing industry is reasonable. However, there is a problem with running on the BUY NOW treadmill if you’re not making any money.

There’s a significant difference between trying to stay on the cutting edge and gambling on every possible tool in hopes of making a business work.

You want to spend your money the smart way. You don’t want to spend yourself into bankruptcy before you build a real business.

The Right Kind of Purchase

How do you prevent yourself from unnecessary overspending? It starts by building a rock-solid foundation. If you strip away all of the details, tricks, options and creative new ideas from Internet marketing, it’s a simple proposition.

You need to have something to sell. You need to have a strategy to sell that product. You need to bring traffic to your the site you’ll use to make sales.

That’s it. Everything you do needs to strengthen one or more of those three simple core needs.

That means that you should start by building a solid foundation on all three fronts. Anything you buy as you’re building your business needs to address the construction of that foundation.

You must have a foundation that let’s you make money from home before you invest in extras, details, tricks or adjustments. Once you have the basics in place, you’re going to start making money. After you’re making money, you can being looking at those extras and adjustments.

Smart Foundation Building

You can start building that money making foundation without going broke in the process. This is what you need to do.


  • Learn how Internet marketing works on a holistic, big picture level. You can get that kind of perspective from someone with successful IM experience.
  • Make traffic a top priority. Traffic is, as noted, one of the core elements to a successful online business. It’s arguably the most important component. Without traffic, you can’t determine if your product is interesting or if you’re sales strategy is working.| Absent traffic, you can’t determine if you have the right product or a workable sales strategy. You need as much traffic as you can get–and you need it quickly.
  • Find a source of ongoing assistance. A smart ebook can be worth its weight in gold. Instructional videos can really help. However, there’s nothing like developing an ongoing connection with a coach or mentor who has a history of success and a willingness to show you the ropes. Good mentoring increases efficiency, makes it easier for you to build a foundation, and allows you to avoid common mistakes.
  • Minimize your exposure. You need to build your foundation without putting too much of your limited resources at risk. Avoid overspending on the tools and information you need to build your business. Find a small business coaching opportunity that doesn’t require a fat up-front commitment and that doesn’t lock you into a multi-month contract.