Free or Cheap Reads

Do you like to read books or magazines? Here are some tips on how to save money on your reading material. As you know a lot of material on the internet is freely accessible so it would be a good place to start,  but I’m not going to. There are still enough people enjoying their reading on paper.

Your first port of call would be the library. How good can it get? Here in the UK it’s free! You can typically borrow your books for three weeks, and when you go on holiday, just ask for an extension. You can also renew online.

Free or Cheap Reads

If you like cheap books go to a school or church fayre, there is normally a good selection on books, but be prepared to come early as good books are normally gone quickly. Depending on book size and cover be prepared to pay anywhere between 10p and a pound.

You can get some free magazines at Zinio. These are digitally delivered to your Zinio reader on Windows, Mac or Linux. Check it out, just search for Zinio. You can also view current magazines but only have a few zooms using the Adobe Air based software.

Another online free book website is Project Gutenberg where they store 33,000 books that you can download on your PC, iPad, Kindle and various other devices. All these books are out of copyright (in the USA) and you can download them in various formats. There are quite a few classics available in the Project Gutenberg library.

On a similar vein you have where you can also read the books for free, but only online. But in beautiful layout.

Other encyclopedia type websites include wikipedia which is ever present anyway for nearly every search you do. Then there is the wayback machine at Here you can go back to how a website looked ages ago, but also see old books, movies etc. Well worth a visit.

If you are more interested in magazines, check out:

Here you have offers like 3 issues for £3. Don’t forget to cancel if you are only interested in trying it out. And another one is:

With similar offers. You can read some of these magazines and of course newspapers in the library too. If you want a quick scan you can of course see a lot of newspapers online if you are interested in general news. The BBC, Guardian, The Daily Mail and a lot of others have good content online. The Times and Sunday Times only offer paid content at the moment. Interesting business model, let’s see how that works out for them.

If you are more interested in  local news  or news from other regions have a look at:


The top two searches on Google for the search online newspaper. So most of it is easy to find.