How To Make To Make A Website, So Easy, Anyone Can Do ItHow To Make To Make A Website, So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Following this article ‘How to make to make a website’, you’ll find the exact process that can be used to make a website. You’ll see how easy it is, anyone can do it.

Just for people completely new, to make a website means normally one of two things. Either you create all the code and files using software installed on your own computer or you use software installed on the server.

Your options

From scratch really means that all the code and files you need to display web pages are created by you. You then publish them to a computer constantly connected to the internet. Most of the time this computer is housed securely and it’s sole purpose is the serve up web pages to anyone visiting the website from anywhere in the world connected by the internet. This computer is called a ‘server’ or sometimes a ‘host’ (as it hosts websites). After that you create the content of the webpages using a word processing like program and once you’re done you upload them to your server.

The other option in how to make a website is that you use software installed on the server. This software makes it easy to create and modify pages on your website. This requires no software on your own computer. Changing your website can be done from any computer in the world.

Own domain or platform

You can do this on your own domain (the domain is the bit after the www and before any / that could follow). This requires that you have a domain and a hosting provider (the company that lets you rent a bit of space on their server). There are also a number of websites that allow you to create your own little corner on the world wide web. The most well known are blog platforms like or Or flash website creators like and

Existing software

Working from scratch is sometimes better for very big sites that require specialists to do the job. The software used ranges from a basic and free editor like Kompozer, to specialist website tools as XSitePro, to the expensive and very advanced Adobe Dreamweaver. All of them require some learning curve and normally a fixed computer that has your software of choice installed.

The preferred option for most people is working with existing software. Ultimately you are going to want to have your own domain. This gives you better control over the content of your website and best brand visibility. This can be achieved with both Wix and Weebly for small sites that need to be very flashy. Be aware that there is normally a charge for it to work together with your own domain. But any of the following generic purpose content management systems will also do the job very well and are free to use on your own domain:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal

WordPress is the most widespread, I find it the easiest to use. Every website has two sides: a public facing side which looks like a normal website and an administrative area where you can change settings and create pages. Your next step in how to make a website is to install WordPress on your own domain.

You would have received an email with all the details you need to log into your domain control panel. This control panel is where you can manage your website. It is divided in areas, where you can make backups and setup email. All hosting providers I know also provide you with an area called scripts, sometimes referred to as ‘One Click Scripts’ or ‘CGI Scripts’. Look at the various icons in this area, there will be one that says: “WordPress”.

Click on it and the installation will start. Leave the installation directory empty for installation as main website. And click “Install Now”, “OK” or “Accept”. This will install WordPress on your domain.

Once finished, your have to create the website administrator. Browse to your website and fill in details like Administrator name and password and title of the website. It is best to write the name and password down. That’s it you’re done.

You can now see your website at:
And you can login into your adminstration area at:

Please replace with your domain name.

How to make to make a website is easy and anyone can do it. If you prefer, you can outsource it. Once you know how to make it happen to make a website, your next exciting step is to create content that set the world alight.