Find What You Are Passionate About And Get Money For It

Some people know it already, yet for others it is hard work to find out what it is that you are really passionate about. You can get money from the results of the work you put in to find out about your passion. There are more advantages besides the money that you will get from the process. You may feel trapped in your current job, feel you need a change in your life, a change of direction to your life. You are in the driving seat and need to take charge. If you are unsure try as many things as you can and remember you can fail your way to success! Mistakes and failures are part of the process called life. They will make you more aware of what you do want and teach you something. Determination is required to succeed. Be easy on yourself.

Find What You Are Passionate About And Get Money For It

Do you live to earn money or do you earn a living. They are very different. Earning a living is the more adventurous way to live. There are more things in life besides earning money. And you will definately have more fun if you do something you really enjoy doing and get money for it in the process. The flipside is felt by people who have chosen a path in life that are making them money but they are not really passionate about.

Your Comfort Zone

If your life seems the same day by day and isn’t that enjoyable it’s a clear sign that you are getting too comfortable. That is not a good place to be. You might have a job that isn’t something you are passionate about but over time you have really mastered it. You know exactly that to do and what not to do to get by every day without getting into trouble. Yo just get the job done, go home at the end of the day and do not look forward to the next one. You will get paid for the time you give to your boss but you’d rather be somewhere else. ¬†You also find that you do the same tasks each day over and over again. Comfortable but not challenging for you. As it is with your muscles, so is it with your mind and your whole life, is you don’t excersise you do not build up muscle, stamina, ideas, creativity. So is it time to get out of your comfort zone and do something challenging?

To see how far you can go and what you can do you are going to have to take some risks. And it’s the same with learning to walk as a child. You do not give up if you fall. But you get up over and over again. Because as a child you have seen other people walk. So you know it can be done. Failing is learning or you will never walk.

How to get money from your passion

Have you ever seen someone be really passionate about something? Like a curator in a museum, a teacher perhaps. You will invariably notice that they are also excelling in their passion. The curator is overflowing with interesting facts and anecdotes about his passion, and you will learn more from a passionate teacher because he loves to pass on his knowledge. You can either be passionate in you job or in something you pursue next to your job. You cannot give up current income without replacing it with something else. Especially not if others depend on you. But your passion can get you more and more money. A gradual process that with application and dedication will replace your current income.

If you are good in writing, join a club, immerse yourself and enjoy the process. Then try getting an assignment and start writing for others. As soon as you can get some money for it pursue it further finding new ways to make it more profitable for you. If you like to paint or create something from wood, follow that passion. Also be aware that you can not only make money from the results and products of your passion but also from teaching others.

Be open to all possible routes and income streams. And after a while you could see yourself considering the possibility of dropping your job and keep earning the same from your passion. This will free you up to spend even more on your passion and will radically change your life for the better. You love what you are doing and people will see your passion in you and in your work. This will make you and your work more valuable in the process. This passion will also permeate all other areas of your life.

Finding your passion is the next task. If you already know it, just get started pursuing it further. If you don’t, then set yourself a goal to find out. Think long and hard about it. Try different things and really listen to your emotions and feelings. You will know when you hit the target.