Is Starting a Membership Site for You?

Everyone on the internet is equal. We can all start earning money online. We can all start a membership business on the internet. All you really need is:

  • A subject or niche that your membership site is all about. Don’t try to do too much different things on one site. Focus on one particular subject, problem, target audience.
  • A domain. Make the domain have the key phrases in the domain name. A .com domain is preferred, but else a .net, .org or if your subject is local a country specific domain will do. Especially with the .com it might be hard to find a suitable domain name that is still available, but with a bit of inspiration you will succeed.
  • A website. The software to handle the membership site needs to have all the specifics elements to handle members, recurring payments and¬†preferably¬†one-time offers and an affiliate program. I found this great program easy to work with.

Is a membership site something for you?

You can start one easily enough but are your expectations realistic? And do you have the right motivation and attitude to persist the specific requirements of running one? It is good to have a few reflective moments before you rush in.

Membership site

You can’t really expect to become a millionaire overnight by just creating a few web pages, invest little or no money, time and effort. Your income will grow but it will be very slow. There will be some investment required. But with energy and the will to succeed, some money and above all a passion for the subject and a little patience you will be on the path to succeed.

Another important aspect is your financial situation. If you have the luxury of working from home, you have a rewarding environment to work in. There will be less stress, travel costs, flexible hours and comfortable clothing. But expect not to be wealthy over night.

If you have found a good subject that fit’s you and your situation, you have the character to bring the website up and running and keep it interesting for members then you have a good chance of success. But everyone and every situation is different. It is essential that you have that passion for your subject as it makes it so much easier to deliver the goods to your members.